We are Charleston’s #1 iconic for souvenirs, keepsakes, and gift items.

Charleston Duck

Charleston Duck was created by a Charleston resident who identified a need for a true city icon and souvenir. As we saw it, there was no standard “iconic” souvenir for Charleston, and we are determined to make the Charleston Duck just that.

Why Charleston Duck?

Currently tourists might pick up a bag of rice, hush puppy mix, spray painted shirt or something of the like, but there’s no true animal icon. And what better represents the Lowcountry than a duck? We all have childhood memories of running down to the local duck pond with the remains of an old loaf of bread so we can feed the ducks and watch them float around in the water.

Chuck the Duck

Charleston Duck is here to bring all of those memories flooding right back with the latest Charleston craze: Chuck the Duck. Modeled after a lovable rubber ducky (and the Rotary’s annual Charleston Duck race), we've created porcelain ducks with varying designs that you can purchase and add to your collection of souvenirs. Whether you love to collect icons from your travels or want to have a representation of the hometown you love, you'll love Chuck.
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