Meet Charleston Duck!

Charleston Duck was created by a local resident who found a need for a true city icon that you could take home with you whether you’re visiting or a local. After noticing that there wasn’t a standard “iconic” souvenir for the best city in the US, we decided to create the Charleston Duck. And what better represents the Lowcountry than a lovable duck?!

Inspired by those childhood memories we all have of running down to the local pond to feed the ducks with the remains of an old loaf is the Charleston Duck. Modeled after the lovable rubber ducky, these porcelain ducks with various designs are the perfect addition to your souvenir collection.

Chuck the Duck was our very first design! He’s a Charleston icon taking the town by storm! He’s a duck on a mission and we can’t wait to see where he is off to next!
 After Chuck was created, Chelsea the Duck followed - a true item for all of the Charleston lovers out there! As Charleston Duck grows, we hope to create more ducks with more Charleston designs. Have a duck design in mind? Let us know

When you purchase Chuck or Chelsea, you’re not only receiving a treasured gift but also giving back. A percentage of every duck goes to charity! 50 cents of each duck purchase goes to Charleston's Rotary Club and another 50 cents goes to the chosen charity for that time period. Whether you are visiting Charleston and looking to leave with a souvenir that reminds you of the Lowcountry or you are trying to find the best gift for a family member coming to visit, buy Chuck the Duck.

Purchase your very own duck here and let’s get quackin’!
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